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While back an eventful tragedy due to election season in April, Indonesia has finally came together over the dispute either between candidate ‘01’ and ‘02’ as a nation celebrating its 74th  Independence Day. From Sabang to Merauke and even from Miangas to Rote, the greatness of Red and White was raised along with the recitation of Indonesia Raya anthem during the ceremony. Besides, various of fanfare were held along the streets.

Indeed by remembering back then before independence, isn’t it a relief now on to capable of living peacefully without a battle with gunshots? Frankly, raising the siege is not the peak of a dignified nation. Due to some well-established government systems and assets for over seven decades suddenly might flee relevance and new threats suddenly knock the bottom out of our glory. Therefore we can’t be too quickly satisfied with the temporary achievement that we had racked up and only stay in comfort zone.

Moreover in this vigorous world situation of this day and age which is always changing and experiencing disruption, we must increase our contribution to global welfare. Competition is getting tougher and trade war is escalating crossover the countries. Competing interests in technology, industry, vehicle, market, qualified human resources, and so forth. They are fighting over remarkable talents that bring absolute progress to become the cock of the walk. Thus we should have more capital to become a great nation which is not only in one facit, yet also in assorted aspects.

From way back, we just have been thinking to be better than before. Apparently that’s not worth our nation’s salt. We must deal with competition with ingenuity, innovation, and swiftness that we have as follows with devise new strategies. Step by step, making it off the cuff even will just go down the drain. We need leap by leap. Furtherly, slowly but sure is no longer relevant. Now we are supposed to be fast and sure.

We need to put finger on exceptional human capital with Indonesian courage who upholds Pancasila principles above all tolerance and retain a noble deed. In addition, other fish to fry needs human capital who is eager to learn, to buckle down, and to be highly-dedicated.

We need reliable innovations that can bowl over what’s in the air into opportunities; innovations that turn vulnerability into strength and supremacy; innovations that hook failure into capability; innovations that turn duck’s egg into something valuable for the sake of our people and nation.

In conclusion, the left behind countries will be put on the screws by the fast growing ones. By being arm in arm, we are all Indonesians expected to have an obligation to maintain and develop the values of this independence.


~74th Indonesia Jaya~

Farah Fadhilah Hermawati